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Meet Crystal Moorhouse


I began with the Scentsy family from the very beginning, in fact, I am their 11th consultant so I have learned how to be successful over the years and now I am a Scentsy SuperStar Director and can share my selling tips with you.


At first I was Scentsy's best customer, I loved the Scentsy products, but it took me a while before I saw the business I could create.  I was a busy mom, and still am, as a mother of four talented children that keep me running from one sporting event to another.  But to succeed in Scentsy it takes very little time each day, as long as you love the products and get excited about what you are selling then others will want them too.  In no time you will see your paycheck rise each month and will know you made the best decision to be part of this wonderful company.


If you are ready to make the step to change your life too then join my Scentsy team today!


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