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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Stay On Trend With The New Scentsy Whiff Box

Stay on trend with the new Scentsy Whiff Box. Each month you will get a special delivery of hand picked seasonal, trending and brand-new products. You will receive five to eight sample and full-size fragrance items from products like Scentsy Bars, Body, Clean, Laundry, and more. Each month will be unique, but you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come in a “sniff preview” of the following Scents of the Month. And the awesome thing is you’ll never pay as much for all your items in a Whiff Box as you would if you bought them individually. It can make a great gift for someone you care about too.

If you want to get a Whiff Box delivered to you each month, then join the new Scentsy Club, and you’ll be the first to experience the latest Scentsy trends. Visit my Scentsy shop today and we'll get a little box of happiness scent your way. ;)

Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy SuperStar Director & Scentsy's 11th Consultant

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