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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy's Fantastic Four Will Clean the Grime Away

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

You know when you clean your home and you feel like you need a gas mask to tolerate the smell. Well, imagine the exact opposite feeling, cleaning your home and experiencing pleasant aromas along with deep clean. That' exactly what you get when you use one of Scentsy’s cutting-edge home cleaning formulas. We have counter cleaner that helps repel dirt the more you use it, Scentsy fresh room spray that eliminates odors in the hard to clean spots, like carpet and upholstery, and delicate hand soap for the little hands in your household. And last, but not least, we have sulphate- and phosphate-free kitchen soap that quickly dissolves the food on those dirty dishes.

You can see our cleaning products pack a powerful punch, and without the overwhelming odor, your house will smell fragrant in a good way. If you’d like to get our fantastic four cleaning products today then visit my Scentsy shop.

Scentsy SuperStar Director & Scentsy's 11th Consultant

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