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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Make Bath Time Your Time With Scentsy Soak

The new Scentsy Soak products provide a relaxing way to relieve stress at the end of the day. They are made with Pink Himalayan and Epsom salt, moisturizers and Scentsy fragrances. You can get them in six calming scents: Amazon Rain, Jammy Time, Luna, Sea Salt & Avocado, Sunkissed Citrus, and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. They make a welcomed gift for friends or a welcomed friend to you come bedtime (only $12 for 2 lbs).

If you want to fill your bathtub with Scentsy Soak then visit my Scentsy shop today!

Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy SuperStar Director & Scentsy’s 11th Consultant

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