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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy Selling Tip: Treat Your Business Like a Business

This past Spring a fellow SuperStar Director, Allison Dalke, hosted a training and talked about how we need to be intentional with what we do with our businesses to make them successful. She talked about 4 things all business owners need to do to be successful. The first one is to have Passion. Passion comes from dreaming. If you have not already created a dream board, create one. If you don't know what a dream board is search it on Google to get some ideas. Make sure to take time to ask and discover what you want Scentsy to bring you. It will be different for each person and that's ok. That's what's great about being a business owner. You get to dream big for YOU and your family.

The second point she talked about is to be consistent. You need to decide which tasks will be profitable for your business right now and once you decide what those are you need to do them consistently. Start small with 1-2 things, and add more tasks once you have those things mastered.

The third thing is time management. This one is a big one because if you don't put time into your business you will not see success. A quote that really stuck out to me was, "If you don't choose, someone else will choose for you." This is so true! If I don't decide what I'm going to do on a particular day, the day is still going to come and go and things will come up and need to be done and before I know it the day is gone and I feel unproductive. Being intentional and putting business tasks in my planner and on my to do list is an important step in actually getting those things done.

The last point she made was you need to know who you are. In order to be a successful business owner you need to know who you are and be yourself. Once we allow our true selves to show to our customers, that's when they see us, love us, and love our business.

I challenge you to ponder these 4 steps and make goals to implement them into your business. I know that as I have focused on these steps I have been more successful.

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Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy SuperStar Director & Scentsy's 11th Consultant

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