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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy Selling Tip: Grow Your Scentsy Business At Events and Fairs

Since the fall season is full of opportunities to do fairs and shows I thought I'd give you three tips to help make your next event successful and grow your business.

1.) Have An Eye Catching Display. Your display is what is going to determine whether someone stops at your booth to browse or whether they keep walking by. Set up your booth so that potential customers have to come into your booth to talk. Also make sure you (the consultant) are standing inside the booth inviting them in to see your product. If you stand at the front of the booth cutting off access into the product section potential customers are more willing to browse as they continue to walk. There are lots of great ideas on how to set up your booth in the training center of your workstation as well as on Pinterest

2.) Gain Contacts. The #1 reason to do fairs and shows is to gain contacts. Talk to everyone who comes into your booth. Have a raffle/drawing and have everyone fill out a slip and have them answer the questions if they'd like to host a party, become a consultant etc. The first two questions I ask a potential customer are: "Have you heard of Scentsy?" (in my experience 95% of people have) and then my next question is: "Do you have a Scentsy consultant?" (in my experience only 5% do). This is an awesome way to promote yourself and tell them what you will provide them as their consultant. Also during the event try hard not to sit down. If your booth is having a slow moment talk to other vendors and get their information. They are a great resource and can offer you insight into other potential fairs and shows.

3.) Follow Up. Send the show promoter that you worked with as a vendor a thank you card. Contact everyone on your raffle slips and thank them for their business, or talk to them about the potential of a party/becoming a party host. Scentsy has always said that "the money is in the follow up" and events and shows is no different. It's the time to make a one time customer an ongoing loyal customer.

Events and fairs are full of great growing potential for your business. If you have not signed up for any events this fall season I encourage you to search for one (or more) and participate when/if possible.

Feel free to check out some of my other Scentsy Selling Tips to help grow your business.

Crystal Moorhouse

SuperStar Director & Scentsy's 11th Consultant

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