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  • Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy Selling Tip: Mix Up Your Regular Scentsy Party By Hosting a "Themed Party"

One of the best parts about selling Scentsy is that you can have so much fun doing it! That's why I think you should really take advantage of the costume parties going on in October and try out this fun Scentsy Selling Tip: Mix Up Your Regular Scentsy Parties By Hosting A "Themed Party."

Some fun themes you could do are: Monster Mash, Willy Wonka, Haunted House, Autumn Harvest, Carnival, Murder Mystery, Jack O' Lantern Carving, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywood, and Harry Potter.... do you catch the idea? There are SO MANY themes you could work into October. How awesome would it be to have a Willy Wonka party and have everyone bring their favorite candy/chocolate bar to share and play a game where the person who gets the golden ticket wins a prize!

You just need to tap into that creativity you already have and remember that the party does not have to be crazy fancy/expensive to be successful. Find your local dollar store to get paper goods and decorations. You can also create an easy digital invitation on Canva and text it to everyone to save on stamps!

One last bonus Scentsy Selling Tip for this month. Decide now if you are going to pass out samples to the parents who trick or treat with their children so you can be prepared. Every year Halloween sneaks up on me and I kick myself for not being more prepared. There is a cute saying, "trick or treat here's something sweet for you to smell NOT eat." When you pass out candy at a trunk or treat or on Halloween you can give kids candy and the parents a sample of wax with this saying attached. Make sure to also attach your business card to the sample so they know how to contact you. It is an amazing way to promote your business without even leaving your house!

Now, if you're reading my blog and you're thinking, hey, I could do all of this, then you would be a great member of my Scentsy team! Find out how you can join my team and become a Scentsy consultant today!

If you want to read other tips to improve your business, you can check out my Scentsy Selling Tips, I am here to help you succeed as a Scentsy Consultant, so contact me anytime with your questions!

Crystal Moorhouse

Scentsy SuperStar Director & Scentsy's 11th Consultant

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